Who we are

Since 2004, Zonic Music has supplied technical expertise and equipment to virtually the entire country.

We’ve done it all: concerts, theatre shows, musicals, conferences, total productions, corporate events & tour production.

All this is possible because the people behind Zonic Music have many years of experience in the industry.

Today, Zonic Music is a company with broad technical know-how, and there is nothing we cannot do in close cooperation with you.

A successful event is based on understanding and dialogue. Passion is the way forward to secure a well-executed event.

When you place an order with Zonic Music, you hire a family. Here everyone is very passionate about their work.
We care about appeaances and that everything works as it should.

Your event is as important to us as it is to you.

Currently Zonic Music is a large but close-knit team of sound experts, lighting specialists, AV technicians, pyrotechnicians, sound/light designers, assembly experts, IT geeks, etc.

  • We put ourselves in your shoes to fully understand your requirements.
  • We only focus on finding solutions.
  • We see no problems, only challenges. If there is a problem, we are guaranteed to have a solution as well.
  • We have a large network of specialists within the industry.
  • Everything is possible. With us, nothing is impossible.

What the final price will be depends on what your project entails. Concerts, fairs, musicals and corporate events are all so different – no single job is the same as the next. Therefore, we spend a lot of time listening to what you want, and then finding the right solutions before presenting you with an offer.

We make packing lists and production plans to be able to prepare all the equipment that will be used. We also draw up a schedule for the production set-up and take-down.

We know how important it is that these things are done, as it saves many hours in the day when it has to be set up.
For larger lighting productions, we make 3D layouts, which we present. This gives our lighting designers the opportunity to program “from home”, so that on the day of your event it’s just “1, 2, 3, go!” and then we run the event.

The bigger the project, the more time is needed. Always contact us well in advance.

Some of the brands that we use