Sound system rental at Zonic Music

Are you looking to rent a sound system for your upcoming event? Then Zonic Music can help you!

We have worked together with some of the best-known concert organizers and musicians in the country and have supplied sound systems for hire for all events, large and small for more than 20 years.

With our extensive experience, we are able to advise you and take care of all kinds of tasks in sound system rentals for your event or show.

We can also help you with turnkey solutions for your sound, lighting and stage needs. Contact us today and learn more!

We work with package solutions that are tailored to your event, and we offer a price guarantee, so you’re certain not to receive any unforeseen extra bills.


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Great experience and expertise with sound system rentals

When it comes to sound systems, experience and expertise are essential. With us you get a sound system provider who knows exactly what they are doing and who has worked with various events for more than two decades. We know what it takes to ensure that your event runs smoothly and that everyone can enjoy good sound quality throughout the evening.

Our staff will help you set up the sound system so that everything runs smoothly for your show.

We understand how important it is that your event is a success for you; therefore, we strive to ensure that you, as our customer, are always satisfied with your experience with Zonic Music – all the way from beginning to end.

The advantages of renting sound systems from Zonic Music

When you rent a sound system from us, you get access to sound systems of the highest quality without having to make a large investment. This is especially useful if you are organizing a one-off event or need a special solution for your sound system.

You are also assured that any technical problems will be solved by experienced professionals who know their audio equipment inside-out and regularly maintain it according to the industry’s best practise.

With us, you get a turnkey supplier for all your needs when it comes to sound system rentals – so you have more time to focus on the other aspects of organizing an unforgettable show.

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