Rent theater spots and theater lamps has extensive experience with renting and setting up theater spots for various events, performances and concerts. If you are planning a theater performance or concert and need theater spots and theater lamps to make your event truly unique, you can rent your equipment from us – and of course only at fair prices.

For more than 20 years, we have supplied equipment for countless concerts, theater performances and music events, where we have been responsible for providing turnkey solutions within lighting, sound and stage equipment.

We work with package solutions that are tailored to your event, and we offer a price guarantee, so you’re certain not to receive any unforeseen extra bills.


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What exactly are theater spots?

Theater spots are special spotlights for performances, which make it possible to control which areas of the stage are illuminated, as well as allowing the light intensity to be regulated. Thereby you can create unique looks for your performance!

When you use theater spots in your performance, you can better control the look and feel of your show. You can create something unique for your show or event that is your own – something that really stands out from other performances.

In addition, quality lighting can add an extra touch of professionalism, which will make your performance even more memorable for your audience.

Finally, it allows you to focus attention on specific parts or performers during a show, helping to keep everyone engaged throughout the performance!

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If you would like to rent theater spots and theater lamps for your next performance or event, contact us today! We have extensive experience in installing theater sports and theater lighting for our customers. You always get high quality and service delivered with a smile by!

We have many years of experience with theater spots and theater lights, and of course you get it at fair prices.

Regardless of whether you are in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Zealand, we will come by and install the theater lighting for you. When your performance or show is over we’ll come by again and disassemble the equipment – at no extra charge. With us, you always get easily transparent prices without extra fees.

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