Zonic Music Aps business terms

The legal relationship between the buyer/renter and Zonic Music Aps is judged according to current Danish law with the following changes:

General trading conditions:

General terms

  • Rented equipment may only be used by the renter or his/her representative. Subletting can take place with the written approval of Zonic Music Aps.
  • The time the equipment will be rented out is called the rental period, which means the time the equipment has been out of Zonic Music Aps’ storage and available according to the rental agreement. It should be noted that the shortest rental period is 1 day. The day the equipment leaves Zonic Music Aps warehouse is considered the first day of rental. The day of returning the rented equipment is also counted as a day of rental.


  • The rent is calculated on the basis of the prices set by Zonic Music Aps.
  • All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT, other taxes and insurance.
  • Verbal offers must be accepted immediately, otherwise they will expire.
  • Written offers are valid for 14 days from the offer date, unless otherwise stated.
  • The price is the daily price determined at the time the offer is submitted, subject to wage and material increases, fluctuations in exchange rates and changes in customs, freight and other costs.
  • Settlement of the payment must take place immediately after the end of the lease or at the dates applicable in the lease, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


  • In the case of contracts and/or purchase by agreement, the goods remain the property of Zonic Music Aps until the contract and/or agreement is fulfilled.
  • The signatories declare that they agree with the contents of the contract and return it in signed.
  • If the contract is not returned within 5 working days from the date indicated, the contract is considered invalid.
  • Zonic Music Aps reserves the right to cover actual costs in connection with an agreed but not returned contract.
  • Any disputes are dealt with in court.


  • Complaints about defects in quantity or quality must be made immediately after receipt of the goods, otherwise the right to complain expires.
  • Complaints about other defects must be made within 8 days of the delivery, otherwise the right to complain expires.
  • The following extended force majeure exempts Zonic Music Aps from liability for delay: war, fire, strikes, lockout, weather, ban on export and import, seizures, shortages or delays from sub-suppliers as well as other circumstances Zonic Music Aps did not foresee or should have foreseen.

Securing the equipment

  • For outdoor events, all parts must be secured effectively against wind and weather. Extra tarpaulins must be provided.
  • Zonic Music Aps reserves the right to reject the tenant’s actions in this regard.
  • Dimensions of supply cables as well as the other installation must be done in accordance with the high current regulations.
  • If the renter collects the rented item himself, the transport must be in a suitable vehicle. Zonic Music Aps reserves the right to reject the transport.
  • During the rental period, the renter is responsible for any damage and loss of the rented property, even if it is accidental.

Repairs and damage

  • No changes or repairs may be made to the rented equipment without special permission from Zonic Music Aps.
  • The rented equipment must be returned in the same condition as when collected. Any cleaning, coiling of cables, folding carpets, or other re-establishment of equipment after its return, will be billed to the renter according to applicable hourly rates.
  • The customer is always liable for compensation for unexplained loss, damage or painting of the rented item.
  • If repairs can be carried out, this will be done at the renter’s expense. In the event of loss and damage that cannot be repaired, the renter will replace the equipment at full or new value.
  • Zonic Music Aps cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the rented item.

During the rental period

  • The rented parts may not be transferred into the custody of others, and they may not be taken outside Denmark’s borders unless there is special written permission
  • Delivery of reserved equipment is subject to timely delivery by previous renters.
  • Zonic Music Aps has the right to replace any booked equipment with equipment of the same functionality.
  • In case of late delivery of equipment, Zonic Music Aps has the right to demand additional payment and to cover the costs that Zonic Music Aps may have incurred in another rental agreement.
  • If the renter fails to return the equipment at the agreed time, this will entail unconditional liability for damages, just as the renter incurs liability according to section 293 of the Criminal Code (theft of use).

Cancellation of agreements

In case of cancellation of concluded agreements, Zonic Music Aps has the right to charge the following:

  • From the finalizing of the agreement to 60 days before the first rental day – 30% of the total contract sum.
  • From 59 to 15 days before the first rental day – 60% of the total contract sum.
  • From 14 days before the first rental day – 100% of the total contract sum.
  • Such cancellation must be made in writing.
  • Fulfillment of agreements cannot be fulfilled in the event of force majeure.

Limited liability

  • Zonic Music Aps cannot be held responsible for expenses that the renter may incur as a result of the engine stall or other damage to vehicles, nor where the use of the vehicle is limited fully or partly.
  • Zonic Music Aps is never liable for indirect losses, including loss of profit.
  • Zonic Music Aps is liability insured. The insurance policy will be forwarded on request.


  • Zonic Music Aps would like to point out that alien goods (any goods not owned by Zonic Music ApS) but transported by Zonic Music Aps are not insured according to the so-called ‘carrier’s liability’ in Zonic Music Aps insurances.
  • Zonic Music Aps disclaims any responsibility that may arise as a result of damage to goods during transport and handling.
  • We would like to point out that the customer should have his/her own transport insurance.
  • If the customer already has transport insurance, the customer’s own insurance company must be informed of the planned transport.